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Enhance your body naturally with stem cell and fat transfer
Natural Stem Cells and Fat Transfer

What can Natural Fat Transfer do for you?
The signs of aging can effect every area of our face and body.  Now through new cosmetic surgery techniques involving fat transfer you can smooth out lines and wrinkles, even enhance your breasts and buttocks, with Natural Fat Transfer.  If you’re considering a cosmetic surgery procedure to enhance your breast or buttocks, plump the skin around your lips or smooth out lines on your face, Serrão Rejuvenation Center has the expertise to provide your Natural Fat Transfer.

Natural Fat Transfer is a safe, natural procedure that can be used to contour the face and hands by plumping up the skin.  Breast and buttocks can be enhanced to give you that fuller and more shapely body.  The overall appearance of the face and body is more youthful as a result. Scars and other deformities can also be treated with Natural Fat Transfer. This safe, cost-effective procedure can give you the "Natural Look of Subtle Perfection!"

How is Natural Fat Transfer Different from Dermal Fillers?
The most popular cosmetic surgery technique for reversing the signs of aging is injection of dermal fillers.  Less invasive than a full face lift, an injectable dermal filler can restore a youthful appearance by adding volume beneath the skin. There are a variety of dermal fillers such as, Restylane and Juvederm (hyaluronic acid), Radiesse (calcium hydroxylate), and Sculptra Aesthetic (poly-L-lactic acid), made for this purpose. Over time the body slowly absorbs these dermal fillers and the treatment must be repeated. On average, dermal filler treatments last six months to a year with Sculpta lasting two years or more.

Natural Fat Transfer, also known as micro-lipoinjection, uses a patient’s own fat as a dermal filler. Unwanted fat is removed from the body through Body Jet and then injected into the face, hands, breast or buttocks. Some of this fat survives the transfer and becomes living tissue in the new area, so a fat transfer treatment lasts longer than a typical dermal filler treatment. Fat transfer is already being used for natural breast augmentation and natural buttocks augmentation procedures with excellent results, and now it is gaining in popularity as a dermal filler for the delicate skin on the face and hands.

How is Natural Fat Transfer Performed?
The fat transfer procedure is non-invasive and requires very little down-time for recovery. The procedure involves two separate steps. First, Dr. Serrão will use liposuction to remove fat from the thighs, abdomen, waist, or hips of the patient. The fat is then prepared and injected into the areas that have been targeted for treatment. A topical anesthetic may be used to numb the injection area. Fat transfer injections are over in a manner of minutes and patients can return to their normal activities almost immediately.

Facial volumizers, such as Sculptra Aesthetic, are usually administered in two or three sessions every four to six weeks to get the maximum benefit of the product. This is also true of fat transfer. Once a series of treatments have been completed, the fat transfer results will last from one year to five years. For many patients, the benefits of fat transfer face and hand treatments are longer-lasting than for other types of dermal fillers.

Is this procedure approved or is it controversial? 
Many cosmetic surgeons remember the poor results that used to occur in the past when fat transfer was used. We now have improved techniques and technologies that help maintain the survival of the fat. Thus, better survival of the fat results in longer results. One such technology is the BodyJet LipoSculpture technique that harvests the fat in a more gentle fashion.  Recent clinical studies have shown up to a 90% fat cell survival rate from natural fat harvesting with BodyJet Water-Liposuction technique.

Stem Cells and Fat Transfer FAQ's

Why are stem cells important?
Some of the most exciting scientific research in recent years has been focused on stem cells because of their unique regenerative abilities and potential to generate, restore and maintain healthy tissue. The discovery of a rich, natural supply of stem cells within adult body fat has unlocked new potential for stem cell harvesting.  In fact, harvesting stem cells from fat is vastly more effective than harvesting stem cells from other areas, such as bone marrow.  Recent advances in water jet assisted liposuction (Body Jet)   help to protect and sustain these beneficial stem cells during the fat harvesting process, creating a new era in natural, stem cell enriched fat transfer. 

How do stem cells help improve the results of natural fat transfer?
The idea for removing fat from one area of the body and using it to naturally augment volume in another area is not new.  But, older methods of extracting and transferring fat often produced unsatisfactory results because up to 50% of the transferred fat would not survive.  The Natural Fat Transfer Stem Cell Harvesting process helps ensure the survival of natural, healthy fat.  Because the process for removing fat is so gentle, fat and stem cells washed from the body are kept intact and viable for transfer.  The stem cells within the fat will encourage the growth of new blood vessels to nourish the transplanted fat and may also stimulate the production of new fat cells.  

Dr. Serrão is trained in the most sophisticated techniques for fat transfer, ensuring meticulous placement of stem-cell-rich fat in areas most conducive to fat survival.  Thanks to these advanced Natural Stem Cell Enriched Fat Transfer methods, the survival rate for transferred natural fat can be increased to 85% or greater. 

How are the Natural Stem Cells Processed?
First, the Body-Jet liposuction device utilizes streaming water to gently harvest the fat. The fat is then processed to extract and activate the stem cells. These stem cells greatly enhance the fat survival. The stem cells are then concentrated with the fat and injected in the breast. The injection of the fat along with the stem cells results in a permanent 250cc to 500cc overall breast size increase, which is approximately 1 bra cup size increase. 

The stem cells are present and intact in the fat cells when they are gently harvested with the Body Jet Liposuction. The additional processes that involve the extraction and activation of the stem cells has not yet received FDA approval and is somewhat controversial at this time.  In view of this and because of the high cost and length of time in processing, our practice is not participating in the extraction and activation process of stem cells.  We are awaiting further clinical studies with more conclusive evidence to support the advantages and benefits of stem cell processing.  Until then, we will continue to process and prepare the fat as gently as possible to preserve the already present stem cells in the Natural Fat Harvest.


    • Stem cells have unique beneficial properties.
    • Natural fat is rich in stem cells.
    • Gentle harvesting keeps stem cells intact.
    • Stem cells increase fat survival rates.
    • Natural looking & feeling results.
    • No downtime.
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The first step in Natural Fat Transfer is scheduling a consultation in our Orlando office. Like facial cosmetic surgery, Natural Hand Rejuvenation is a very personal decision. Many factors are determined by the patient’s body type and the desired outcome of the procedure. Dr. John Serrão performs all fat transfer procedures in the practice. Consultations for fat transfer procedures with Dr. Serrão are $50 which can be applied to any product or services within the practice or spa once you visit the office. With affordable prices and available financing, there’s no reason to be unhappy with your body. Begin your journey of rejuvenation and call 407-896-3772 or Toll Free at 866-834-3297 to schedule your consultation today!

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